Change Performing Arts is an independent production company based in Milan, and active worldwide in the fields of live performance, including theatre, dance, opera, traditional performing arts, classical and contemporary music, and in the visual arts, including installations, exhibitions and cultural events. With each contributing over twenty-five years of experience, Franco Laera and Yasunori Gunji established Change Performing Arts in 1989.

Today, with a permanent staff of arts producers and designers, - under the artistic direction of Franco Laera and Elisabetta di Mambro, with Franco Gabualdi as operation director - the company manages every step of artistic projects from the concept to the staging and the international production. Constantly devoting its efforts to creating new relationships with established and young artists, the company explores and encourages the way the various arts forms can be combined to create new and original means of expression in realizing provocative events of the highest quality.

With its ongoing commitment to artists such as Lev Dodin, Philip Glass, Peter Greenaway, Shirin Neshat, Peter Stein, Robert Wilson, Tim Yip and many others, the company has in fact developed a specific strategy to produce art works, theater productions and events internationally working closely with the artists, established arts institutions and selected corporate partners.

Since the commission and production of the installation Memory/Loss by Robert Wilson winning the Venice Biennale's Golden Lion in 1993, Change Performing Arts has specialized in combining visual art and performance, designing and producing further exhibitions and art events like Rooms & Secrets and Imagining Prometheus; the projects for the Biennial of Valencia in 2001; the official daily show of the World Expo Aichi in Japan in 2005; the exhibition Giorgio Armani in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum; the multimedia installation Leonardo's Last. Supper by Peter Greenaway in Milan (2008), successfully presented also in Melbourne (2009) and in Park Avenue Armory in New York (2010); The Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese on the San Giorgio Maggiore Island in Venice as part of the monumental work Nine Paintings revisited.

The company is also producing films and documentaries such as The Marriage directed by Peter Greenaway and presented at the 66th Venice International Film Festival in September 2009 as well as engaging in the in the research and development of new technologies such as the ones recently used for the multimedia artwork Italy of the Cities for the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Concurrently to the exploration of new media and technologies, Change Performing Arts, with its sister company CRT Artificio, continues the production and distribution of theater works created in association with the leading directors of the international scene.

With a permanent staff of arts producers and designers, Change Performing Arts can manage every step of a project, from the creation to the staging and the international distribution.