Bumi Purnati Indonesia is an independent legal entity, which was founded in 2007 and is domiciled in Jakarta. The company’s areas of expertise range from performing and visual arts, art consultation, photography services, to organizing art exhibitions. Bumi Purnati Indonesia is presided by Restu Imansari Kusumaningrum, known for her dedication to art, both as an artist and as a professional manager and producer of grand art events, both locally and internationally.

Bumi Purnati Indonesia has worked with the Bali Purnati Foundation and with numerous local and international artists to highlight Indonesia's rich cultural heritage, among others, Rahayu Supanggah, Indonesia's foremost composer who has taken Indonesia's music to international forums; Robert Wilson, America's avant-garde and visionary stage director and playwright who worked with Philip Glass on Einstein on the Beach and collaborates with numerous other artists of name, recently with Marina Abramovic, and visualized the South Sulawesi epic of I La Galigo to  world acclaim. Bumi Purnati also collaborated with the Kronos Quartet, which is considered the most famous group of new music in the world, and with the participants of the performing arts program for the Indonesian Pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The company has also added the production of the Bugis Culture Exhibition in Makassar in 2011 to its credit.

In 2011, after taking I La Galigo around the world during 8 years, Bumi Purnati Indonesia again collaborated with Change Performing Arts, a well established and independent production company based in Milan, Italy, and Bali Purnati Art Center to produce the staging of the epos of South Sulawesi's I La Galigo in Makassar, which was again directed by Robert Wilson.

Bumi Purnati published books include- “Tata Rias Panggung - Make Up by Martha Tilaar for I La Galigo" (2012); "10 tahun I La Galigo" (2011); the art philosophy of Bugis culture book titled "Tiga dari Galigo" (2011); and "Panggung the Stage World Expo Shanghai" (2010). In 2013, Bumi Purnati brought “Sakti: L’armonia Del Cielo” tothe Spoleto Festival dei 2 Mondi. The following year, “Sakti; A Gamelan Orchestra” graced a performance in the Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore and “Under The Volcano” during The 6th Theatre Olympics in Beijing in 2014.

A Partner of the Losari Foundation, Bumi Purnati Indonesia is involved in preserving and producing batik made with natural colors, and together with Bali Purnati Foundation, has been actively involved in the research for the Klungkung Kertha Gosa building preservation project. Restu Imansari is actively involved in Badan Kerjasama Kesenian Indonesia [BKKI] and The Lontar Foundation.

As the initiator and organizer of the Indonesia National Pavilion in the Venice Biennale 2013, Bumi Purnati Indonesia in partnership with Change Performing Arts successfully brought the Indonesian Pavilion “SAKTI” to life.